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Winter Look Book

Winter Look Book

Winter Look Book

The leaves have turned red, yellow and all shades of orange. The air is fresh and crisp and the cool weather is setting in.  The fire is lit...

Our Latest Look Book

The Latest

Take a browse through our latest pieces. Recently we have been lucky enough to be invited  to look through the homes of some stylish individuals that have been long time collectors. Giving us a unique array of pieces to offer all of you lovely people. From large...

Art Event

Welcome to Found's Latest Online Art Event

Below you will find a specially curated collection of antique art. Sourced and selected by Helen, the collection is honest, beautiful, and pays homage to the French artists, and their talent. We are delighted to release this collection to you...

Spring Look Book

Spring Look Book

Our Spring look book is highlighting our latest update to The Wall, bringing colour back into the store just as winter is coming to a close. We will feature items for inside, including tables, kitchenwares and other decorative items. As well as piece for outdoors, your garden, balcony or veranda. At Found. we want to show ways to...